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Monday, February 21, 2011

Welcome Intern Shannon!

Welcome our new intern, Shannon! I'm so glad to have her on board and I can't wait to see the amazing ideas she will bring to the table! Look forward to meeting her at our upcoming weddings, parties and networking events!

Interactive Sweet Stations & Edible Treats

Looking back over our 2010 weddings edible sweets and stations were very popular, and the trend is continuing in 2011. Brides and grooms are loving the idea of providing a sweet surprise to their guests during the reception. We've done everything from candy stations, tiers of mini cupcakes, doughnuts and coffee served later in the reception.... and no matter what way they're served, all forms of sweet edibles seem to be a big hit! Here are some creative ways to incorporate interactive sweets for your guests!

Bedazzled Bon Bons on Cones

Doughnuts & Milk/Coffee Stations
Photo Source: My Wedding Concierge

Pretzel & Candy Station
Photo Source: The Lavender Lily

S'mores Station
Photo Source: Jolynne Photography

Gourmet Popcorn Station
Photo Source: So Simply Special

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine Engagements

It's that time of year! I'm sure there is (or will be) a whole new group of ladies sporting new engagement bling after this Valentine's weekend! I'm a member of the "I Got Engaged on Valentine's Day" club.  

When we finally got around to taking our engagement pictures it was summer time, and we got some amazing pictures at an arboretum. But, as much as I love those photos, I've always regretted not embracing Valentine's Day in our photos.Valentine's Day is such a perfect day to get engaged, so why not portray that in your engagement photos?

Photo by: Laura Leslie

Photo by: Alexandra Creswell of Cameron Ingalls Inc.

Photo by: Tonya Joy

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Near West Theatre's "Street Beat" Benefit

Today I had the pleasure of working with the team from Near West Theatre in setting up their annual benefit event at the Trinity Cathedral in downtown Cleveland. They turned the Cathedral into the hustle and bustle of a downtown street, complete with street signs and street lights, street performers (live music, dancers and even a human statue), along with construction cones and other street sights. I'm so excited to have been able to participate in this event and had a great time working there today. Here are some photos from the event!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Amazing Winter Wedding Photos

Had enough snow yet? I know I have! But without all this snow we wouldn't have these gorgeous winter wedding photos. Here are a few of my faves I've seen so far this winter!
Photo by Digital 504

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Buying a Wedding Gift

When invited to a wedding, one is faced with several decisions – what to wear, which dinner selection to choose, and, most importantly, what wedding gift to get the bride and groom.

A growing generation gap has sparked some debate as to what an appropriate gift consists of.  While friends, coworkers and other guests in the same age bracket as the couple may prefer the convenience and flexibility of giving gift cards and cash, the more mature crowd finds the practice impersonal, uncreative and even tacky.  They prefer shopping from a gift registry of fine china, kitchen wares and other home goods.  While arguments can be made for both opinions, here are some things to consider when selecting a gift for the next wedding you attend.

Start by asking yourself a few questions about the married couple-to-be.  How personal is your relationship with the bride and groom?  If you do not know much about the bride and groom’s interests or hobbies, you may opt to get the couple something from their registry.  If you are not sure where the couple is registered, visit and enter the first and last name of either the bride or groom, along with the wedding month and year, and you should be able to locate the stores with which the couple has registered.

If you are closer with the couple and know a little more about their personal lives, you may want to buy a gift that reflects something they both enjoy.  Is the couple the outdoorsy type? sells a picnic backpack set that includes plates, cups, flatware,  a detachable wine cooler and a blanket.   

Maybe the couple likes listening to records.  Many websites, including, sell vintage-inspired record players that are not only functional but decorative in addition.

There are more trendy and unique options for wedding gifts as well.  Consider buying the wine-loving couple a wine of the month membership from  Buy the couple a chance to relax with a couple’s massage from a local spa.  Or, treat the bride and groom to a few cooking lessons from a cooking school or Whole Foods markets in the area.

One of the most unique and intriguing new websites for wedding registries is  On this website, couples can register for every aspect of their honeymoon, including airfare, hotels, cruise fares, meals, entertainment, recreation, spa treatments and shopping.  Wedding guests may choose to contribute to the honeymoon fund by paying for, partially paying for, or upgrading any of the options the bride and groom have selected.  Wedding guests can help make the couple’s honeymoon a trip they will always remember.

Keep in mind that modern couples have different wants and needs than the traditional bride and groom have had in the past.  Cash and gift cards are happily accepted by most, as more couples are helping their families pay for wedding expenses.  Decades ago, brides moved straight from her parent’s home to a house with her husband, but this is not always the case anymore.  Many newlyweds live in apartments, so the need for an entire registry of home goods is not necessarily realistic.  Give the couple a gift that you think they will appreciate, whether it’s cash, gift cards, a traditional gift or credit towards their dream honeymoon.  The most important thing to remember is that the couple invited you for your company, not for the gift!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Designer Spotlight: A Bride's Design

Last week I got the tour of A Bride's Design, a charming bridal boutique right here in Avon. It is an absolutely amazing shop that offers everything you need in one place; gowns, accessories and alterations. They are an appointment only shop, so make sure to call ahead...or have us call for you! They're having a special in February to celebrate 8 years in business...check out their blog for all the sale details!

Owner and designer, Laura Smith, can even create custom gowns for proms or other special occasions. She has her own line of bridal gowns, The Laura Lynn Collection, and the gowns are gorgeous! Here are a few of my faves:

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