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Friday, July 31, 2009

Moving Day!

My sincere apologies for neglecting this blog for the past week! In addition to my daily list of to-do's for my coming events, I have the new task of PACKING and MOVING! Yes, we will be moving to a new location in Avon Lake (a great location right on 83!) from August 3rd through August 9th. Things my be a bit slow during this process, but I promise once we get settled in I'll be posting so much so fast that you won't be able to keep up! :)

I've always had a home office, but now I'll have a HUGE home office, on-site storage for all of our rental items (yes, ALL of them! No more outside storage!), and plenty of work space for my large custom flower orders and custom decor orders. I'm really looking forward to posting some pictures of our new space once we get set up!

1 comment:

heidzilla said...

Congrats again on your new home and office! Avon Lake is a great city.

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