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Friday, October 1, 2010

Referral Contest Extended!

We received some last minute referrals for the contest, and to make sure everyone is included in the drawing we've decided to extend the contest deadline to Oct. 31st. Some of the referrals haven't made it in to meet with us yet, and we thought it was only fair to make sure everyone qualified was included in the prize drawing.

Keep those referrals coming in through October for more chances to win $210 worth of personalized Bedazzle My Bon Bons (30 boxes)! Please keep in mind, the firm deadline for the end of the contest is Oct. 31st! :)

To enter the contest: Refer anyone to us who books services (planning, coordination, dessert station, flowers, decor, linens, etc...) by Oct. 31st and your name is entered in the drawing for the Bedazzle My Bon Bons prize. (Full payment is not necessary, a save the date deposit will work.)

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