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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Planning Tips :: Creative Escort Cards

Escort cards are an important part of any wedding because they help keep your carefully planned out seating chart in order and allow guests to easily find their seats. There are many different options for escort cards ranging from the simple to the elaborate. Choose something personal and creative, because this is the first thing that your guests will see when they enter your reception!

A beach themed wedding might have guests names and table numbers written in shells, or place the cards in a tray of sand. A flower or spring themed wedding might have the names and table numbers attached to a flower, or attached to a potted plant.

 Photo from

 Photo by Amy Nixon Events
Another method is to show the seating assignments in a chart form. You can do a standard chart on an easel with the cards displayed on ribbons, or you can step it up even more. A creative way to tell guests where they are seated is to use a blown up photo of the bride and groom (20”x30” or even 30”x40”) and then split into rectangles, each bearing guests names on the front and table numbers on the back. Use the outer edge of the photo for the guests names, so once they're taken all that is left is the smiling faces of the bride and groom. 


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