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Friday, June 18, 2010

Makeup Tips :: Shelly Theiling, Makeup Artist

Makeup Tips from Local Makeup Artist Shelly Theiling

Tip #1: My most important tip to a bride would be stay true to who you are as far as makeup is concerned. If you are a girl that doesn't usually wear a lot of makeup then stay as natural possible. That being said, you will need a slight bit more than usual in order to look your best in photographs. This is when a professional makeup artist comes in handy, knowing just the right amount to apply and still keeping you true to yourself. Now, if you are the girl that loves the black liner and strong eyes, go for it! BUT...remember you have to look at these photographs forever. There is certainly nothing wrong with strong makeup for a wedding if that is what you normally wear.

Tip #2: I truly believe that every bride should consider wearing lashes. There are so many styles out there that you are sure to find the right look for you, even if you have never worn them before or if you are the natural girl. Lashes make your eyes pop in photos!

Tip #3: When choosing a foundation check for an ingredient named, Titanium Dioxide. Titanium Dioxide reflects the flash and causes your face to appear lighter than the rest of your body. It is an ingredient commonly used in foundation. A makeup artist will know just the right foundation to use in order to eliminate the "white face".

Tip #4: With the economy in the state that it is currently, find a makeup artist that is willing to work within your budget. I frequently have brides and bridal party members asking for ways of cutting the cost. I have come up with some creative ways of making my brides and their party very happy.

Photos by Terra Sol Studio

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