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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Outdoor Summer Brides: Beat the Heat!

I was JUST talking with someone about outdoor summer weddings. We've had rain here this week, so this forecast for this weekend is HUMID! We were discussing the guests comfort, and how providing cold bottled water, fans, shade, or whatever else possible to keep the guests comfortable is so important.....but what about the bride???

Walking around in the summer heat, carrying around that heavy tulle-lined dress for hours, wearing full makeup, with nerves kicking in on top of everything else.....that can make for a sweaty bride! Make sure you're prepared to sty cool and look your best for photos all day! Check out this blog post from OneWed's Savvy Scoop about how to manage the heat if you have an outdoor summer wedding!

1. Nerves - All of the attention is on you. I’ve heard that public speaking is the number one most feared thing in America, and even though you are only in front of friends and family - everyone is there for you! It can become overwhelming standing in front of everyone having them focus on you, if you aren’t accustomed to being the center of attention.

2. It is hot outside - The most popular month to be married in is June and in most states June can reach some pretty hot temperatures! Especially if your wedding is outdoors, come prepared for the weather. Have pocket fans, cold washcloths and plenty of water to stay hydrated.

3. Your wedding dress weighs 20 lbs.
- Bridal boot camp can’t always prepare you for the weight of your dress. With tulle piled under your dress, your corset to keep everything in place, the weight and amount of fabric on your dress can easily drag you down. When you try on your dress in the bridal shop imagine yourself walking in that dress for 8+ hours and always consider your wedding location and ensure the fabric will allow you to enjoy the day.

4. You are usually being pulled in 5 different directions
- You are the bride, what do you expect? Your mom needs to ask you a question about the ceremony, your makeup and hair team needs to finish the look, your pastor has the marriage license to be signed and your wedding photographer is snapping photos all the while. With all of the requirements asked of you on the big day - your stress levels may rise and in turn you might begin to sweat.

5. Everyone wants outside photos
- You may tell me that your ceremony and reception are all indoors with full air conditioning so you aren’t worried about being another sweaty bride. But I haven’t met a bride yet who doesn’t want to head outdoors with their photographer on a beautiful day. It could be the sun or the humidity, or simply all of the hustle and bustle trying to get the perfect photo outside but in any case be prepared to glisten in your photos!

Ways to plan for and help prevent Sweaty Bride Syndrome:

1. Know the weather you are walking in to - research the weather and have everyone prepared with handkerchiefs and cold washcloths to keep you cool.

2. Bring backup makeup, powder and oil absorbers to help reapply and touch up. Especially during your photos you don’t want to be shining for the wrong reasons. Let your makeup artist know if your wedding is outside or if you tend to sweat more and she can hopefully help you avoid any beauty mishaps.

3. Have a close friend be your beauty police and keep an eye on any sweating. For this you need an honest friend who will step in to take control of the situation to ensure you are always looking your best!

4. Take Breaks. When you start feeling yourself heating up because of stress kindly excuse yourself and sit and relax for a few minutes.

All in all your wedding will be wonderful - I promise you won’t probably even remember sweating and if you do you will laugh about it (I sure did!). I'm not bringing this up to add another thing to your list to worry about but just one more thing you can be prepared for and easily overcome with a few fans, hankies, and touch-ups throughout the day!

- Article and photo from OneWed Savvy Scoop Blog

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