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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Giving Thanks...

I'm sitting here in the early morning hours while my husband is still sleeping....just catching up on some blog posting and plans for upcoming events. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I was starting to get sad that I'm not going home this year to see my mom, grandma and brother. I have too much work and too many appointments to take the time off this year.

I've learned that when I feel down, I need to step back and look at the big picture. Looking back over the year, I realize just how much I have to be thankful for....

I'm thankful to have my Mom. She was diagnosed with endometrial cancer in October of 2008, and I took several months off from my business to go home to Texas to stay with her. Her cancer was in an advanced stage and she needed surgery to remove the tumors, followed by months of painful radiation and chemotherapy. For a long time I wasn't sure what was going to happen....but just last month, she had her 2 year CT scan and is still cancer free. She is now officially in remission, and that's the #1 thing I'm thankful for this year. Love you Mom!

I'm thankful for my husband, Jamie. He is my best friend, my business partner, my rock. I have never felt more at ease with anyone in my entire life, and I still get giddy-excited like a school girl when I think about our future together. He's right next to me working hard to grow my business....and he's even become quite the event decorator. He can tie a chair sash with the best of 'em! :) He really is the love of my life, and I'm thankful for all the wrong paths I took in the past that ended up leading me to him.

I'm thankful for my intern (and soon to be planner/coordinator), Whitney. She has made great strides in helping with our events and marketing since she came aboard. My business has grown and was beginning to become overwhelming, and she walked into the picture at exactly the right time. I can't wait to make her a permanent part of the team and watch her grow into an amazing event planner!

I'm thankful for Stacey, my new business partner. She has given me the opportunity to open a second studio, which has been a dream of mine since I began this business. She is a strong, goal-oriented woman, and together we'll be a powerhouse team that can't be stopped! We're helping to inspire each other and grow each others businesses, and the future for our new studio looks amazing!

I'm thankful for the wonderful business women (and friends) I've met at Working Women Connection; Angela, Becky, Michelle, Chris, Shelley, Stacey, Mary, Maya and Hillary. Every Wednesday these ladies inspire me personally and professionally. They have kept my spirits up this year and reminded me on a weekly basis how important friendships are. I'm blessed to be a part of such a wonderful and intelligent group of women!

I'm thankful that my business is becoming more and more successful. We won TheKnot's pick for Best Wedding Planner this year, and we're growing in so many directions now. I'm thankful that my business mind has been stimulated this year and the ideas just don't stop flowing.... every week I think of a new project to work on, and I hope the ideas keep coming!

I'm thankful for my clients. This year (and next year) we're working with the most enjoyable people! Having great clients makes my job that much more enjoyable, and I appreciate the fact that I have the best clients in the world right now!

I have so many things to be thankful home, my family, my business....there are days where I feel down and like the world is out to get me. All I have to do is stop and think about all I have to be thankful for, and I realize the world has given me more gifts than I deserve.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Be sure to take a moment to think about all you have to be thankful for....while it's still around to appreciate. :)

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