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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Winter E-Session Ideas

Being from Texas, trudging through the snow isn't my all-time favorite thing to do....but that doesn't mean that I don't think it's beautiful! Couples native to the Midwest and the north (who are undoubtedly more accustomed to snow than I) have the option of having their wedding or engagement photos taken in the winter snow. So bundle up and come on the journey with us as we explore the wonderful world of winter engagement session ideas!

Ice skating is always a popular winter activity. You can even find indoor ice skating rinks in the south, so this isn't limited to areas with outdoor winter conditions! It's a fun and romantic way to spend the afternoon with your honey, and you can get some fun photos at the same time.

Photo by Stone Photo

Sledding isn't only for kids, it's fun for grown ups too! Take a sled ride (or even a "staged" sled ride) with your sweetheart in the woods.

Photo by Stacy Able

If you'll be making your engagement announcement with your holiday cards, a great idea is to have an engagement session in a tree lot. Whether there's snow on the ground or not, you still get that winter holiday feeling, and the rows of trees in a tree lot make for great photo opportunities!

Photo by Digital 504

Skiing is another fun thing to do when there's snow on the ground. There are several places right here in northern Ohio where you can rent skis, or you could take a weekend vacation somewhere else for some skiing. Who doesn't like a romantic weekend away sometimes?

Photo by Digital 504

Snowball fight! This would of course be for those ladies who don't care about their hair or makeup getting messed up with a cold splat of snow to the face. I wouldn't be in that category, but some ladies don't mind! :)

Photo by Julie Faith Photography

If you get engaged this winter, be one of the brave souls and go for winter engagement photos! There's something so serene and beautiful about the snow covered ground...

Have some great examples of winter wedding or engagement photos? Share them with us and we'll share them on the blog!

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stacy said...

LOVE this! I am trying to talk several clients into holiday/snow themes e-sessions. Some are preferring to wait until Spring but snow can be so much fun not to mention reflect great light. Also the color opportunities with scarves, fun hates, coats, boots are endless. Thanks for this blog post and photo feature!
Stacy Able Photography

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