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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

12 Days of DIY :: Day 1 :: Gift Card Snow Globe

Today begins our 12 Days of Christmas DIY series! Last year we did a DIY project every day for 12 days leading up to Christmas, and it was loads of fun! This year we decided to take on the 12 day project again!

Our first project we found on One Charming's so easy, yet so creative! I never want to give gift cards for Christmas (even though they're a fabulous idea) just because they're so small and un-wrappable....and when you hand over the envelope, everyone knows what's inside! With this cool snow globe project you can wrap the globe in a box, hand over the wrapped gift, and they will be none the wiser! Not to mention, you can jazz them up with personality and they're really beautiful!

A jar with a lid (we used empty salsa and olive jars), a gift card, a small embellishment (we bought ours at a local craft store), a hot glue gun, glitter, some ribbon and water.

How To:
1. Wash the lid and jar. Remove any stickers.
2. Spray paint the jar lid if you would like a different colored lid.
3. Glue a thick line of hot glue onto the base of the gift card. Stick it to the inside of the lid.
4. Glue the embellishment onto the inside of the lid, in front of the gift card. Let the glue set for an hour.
5. Add some glitter to the jar and fill with water.
6. Tightly screw the lid back onto the jar.
7. Tie a ribbon around the base of the jar, if desired.

NOTE: *We tested these gift cards after a week and they still worked. However, we don’t recommend leaving the gift cards in the water longer than a week.

Visit One Charming Party for the full post and photo credits.

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