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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

12 Days of DIY :: Day 9 :: Two Toned Gift Wrapping

I had a lunch today with a group of fabulous ladies, and we did a gift exchange that I took a gift for. I wanted to make sure my gift was beautifully wrapped, so I called upon my blog list for wrapping ideas! I came across this post from One Charming Party and decided to try it. It's so easy, and you can use up those mismatched pieces of wrapping paper that you've been saving up....

I think everyone has this problem at some time or other. You are wrapping a present and you run out of wrapping paper. This happens a lot when I wrap big boxes. Here is a great trick for covering large boxes or using up leftover scraps. Try the two-toned gift. Wrap half of your present with one kind of paper and the the other half with another kind. Then cover the seam with a pretty ribbon. Viola! This is also great for when you have reversible wrapping paper and can’t decide which side you like better. Happy wrapping. (from One Charming Party)

Here's my gift that I wrapped today!

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