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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Wedding Dress & Alteration Questions Answered

Answers to frequently asked wedding dress and alteration questions by Laura from A Bride's Design. Photos by EM's Event Photography.

1. When should I get my dress altered?

About two months prior to your wedding date is best. This period of time is perfect for 2-3 fittings, and at this point weight fluctuation is minimal so the bride avoids a re-alteration.

2. Should I leave my dress in the dress bag or let it breathe?

It is best to leave the dress in its bag in a dark room until a few days before the wedding. After your final fitting, when the dress has been pressed, it should be hung up outside of the bag so it doesn't wrinkle and crease.

3. Should I order a size bigger than my normal dress size?

No. Every size chart runs differently. It is best to purchase based on your measurements. If there are inconsistencies, you should generally choose the dress that fits your largest measurement. However, this depends somewhat on the style of gown. An a-line dress for instance, is more forgiving in the hips. Therefore if your hip measurement doesn't exactly correspond, the dress will likely still fit if the other measurements are true to size.

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