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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Small Special Touches for Your Wedding

When you’re planning your wedding, remember that the little things are what people will remember. Everyone already expects the ceremony and the reception with a fantastic DJ with great food and drinks. Pick out a theme for your wedding that fits the both of your personalities so that when people walk in they say, “Oh my gosh that is SO Jack and Suzie!” 

There are many resources to find personal touches for your special day. Explore bridal magazines, blogs, Facebook, Pinterest, and other wedding websites. Anything crafty or personal that you like...add it! But be careful of taking it too far. Too many small details can make your wedding decor feel too busy or cluttered.

Try these ideas! Small things like the groomsmen all wearing funky socks or the bridesmaids all wearing a homemade beaded bracelet. Make packages for out of town family to update them on the weekend’s events for the wedding. If you’re having a photo booth, make props for your guests that match your theme and your personalities. Put something that the groom enjoys popping out of the wedding cake! When it comes to your big day, the smaller the touches, the better remembered! 

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