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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Congrats Amanda & Andrew!

Well, we had another wonderful spring and summer wedding season! We've been so busy with events and traveling that we've fallen behind in our posting of real wedding photos! We're going to catch up today with a series of posts from some of our spring and summer events and get this blog up to date!

Amanda & Andrew were married at Deluca's Place in the Park in Lorain on June 3rd. Their ceremony was outside, and their reception was in the lovely pavilion! The pavilion at Deluca's Place in the Park is one of my favorite outdoor wedding spots! You can do so much with it, and it's the best of both worlds - - it's outdoors and surrounded by beautiful gardens and fountains, but since it's completely covered (with the cutest green and white striped side walls available if needed) you have a shelter in case bad weather blows in!

Amanda is extremely creative and visual, so she came up with the theme and decor ideas for the wedding, and she did a LOT of DIY projects! Hand painted wooden signs, rustic wooden accents, blue and teal butterflies, and my favorite thing at this wedding - - centerpiece cakes! Everything was extremely detailed and adorable....


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tisha said...

Hey guys you did a great job in this wedding, all the pictures are describing the beauty of the wedding. I want same concept for my sister’s wedding in San Diego Wedding venues, will you help us for this?

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