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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"Green" Invitation Choices

There are many choices available for eco-friendly invitations. One of the simplest ways to eliminate waste is to forego the inner envelope. The inner envelope dates back to when invites were delivered by hand (on foot or by horse) and the inner envelope was used for extra protection during the journey. Eliminating the extra envelope is a good first step in conserving paper, and it doesn't have to compromise the style of your invite.

Choose RSVP postcards over the traditional response cards with envelopes. This eliminates another envelope from the equation. In addition, the cost of postage for postcards is less, so you can be eco-friendly AND save a bit on the budget!

There are also recyclable papers available now. Try Crane's & Co. or Neenah Paper for "tree free" papers. A local invitation designer, Invite Design, also has a line of green eco-friendly invitations available.

But don't stop at the paper! You can find printers who offer alternative ink choices; soy and vegetable based inks that are biodegradable in landfills. Soybeans are definitely prevalent in Ohio, so take advantage of this local renewable source!

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