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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Photo Challenge: Scavenger Hunt with Disposable Cameras!

Too many wedding receptions have those handly little disposable cameras available, usually sitting on the dinner tables with a card saying "Pick me up and take pictures!"....or something to that effect. :) This usually leads to children having a hay day with them and getting pictures of absolutely nothing, or tipsy Uncle Joe cutting everyone's heads off in the get the idea. In the end, all those extra photos you thought you were going to have from your reception end up being not so great.

Here's a way to keep the disposable camera idea at your reception and actually get some good photos! Each guest can be given a specific type of image to capture using disposable cameras. Not only does this activity facilitate mingling, it also proves an ingenious way to ensure the cameras are put to good use! A photo challenge: Scavenger Hunt!

Create some cards with different specific photo ideas on each one. Children dancing, Grandma eating cake, the Best Man carrying 2 drinks, etc... You can have a printer create them for you, or you can turn it into a DIY project if you're craft savvy! Place the cards near the entrance to the reception so your guests can take a card and a camera as they enter. You can even add a sign and a flower arrangement to further decorate the table! Voila, a brilliant idea!

-InStyle Weddings

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