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Monday, April 20, 2009

Wishes for the Newlyweds on a Wishing Tree!

All this week we're blogging about ways to spice up your cocktail hour, and what better way to involve guests than asking them to participate in the wishing tree!

I've seen these done many different ways. The wishing tree is generally made of manzanita branches, birch branches, or even willow branches. The branches are anchored into a pot or vase, then decorated with flowers, crystals, greens, or other decor to tie in with your reception. Blank cards tied with ribbons and pens or markers are left on the table for the guests to write their best wishes for the newlyweds. Then, they hang their card on the wishing tree for everyone to see!

I've even seen smooth river rocks used instead of cards, on which the guests write their wishes with a sharpie marker and put the rock into a "wishing bowl". The couple then displays the bowl in their home to see their wishes every day!

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