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Friday, April 2, 2010

Daily Inspirations

Every day I look through tons and tons of wedding and design blogs. I love to stay up to date on styles and trends, I love to continue educating myself on the wedding industry by reading tips and posts from other professionals, but mostly I love how they inspire me.

Several times a day I stumble across a photos (or a collection of photos) that really light a spark. It gives me an idea about a floral arrangement I want to try to design...or a theme idea for an many ideas flow every day, and I'm ashamed to say that most of them just keep on flowing. I just don't record my thoughts like I should, and then they're forgotten.

I thought I would begin to post my inspirations here, so I can look back on them occasionally and be reminded of those ideas. Hopefully they will inspire you, too. :)

Here's a "pool" of inspiration for the first post!
Flickr: Wedding and Event Inspiration Boards

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