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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Event Expo :: My Favorite Things

I wandered through the different sections of the expo. While the food is great, and the venues are nice, my favorite part is always the event design portion. Here are a few photos from my favorite displays of the day.

I just posted about chandeliers a few weeks ago, and how they're a hot for events right it's no surprise that my favorite display of the day showcased these awesome black chandeliers!

This was a favorite for two reasons; (A) because of the color, and (B) because of the sparkle. It was the first thing I saw when I came around the corner and the first place I went.

Michael Cerbelli talked about these during his presentation, and I absolutely loved them. Clear candelabras that are taken apart into panels for slim shipping, and they are totally see-through! You can have your candles and bouquet of flowers in a grand centerpiece, all without obstructing your guest's view. And bonus, you can add LED lighting in any color underneath for a wow-effect!

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