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Friday, April 23, 2010

Eco-Friendly Wedding Planning Tips & Links

Insightful tips for planning your own green wedding!

- Use recycled paper wherever possible for wedding invitations, programs and other paper items; most companies can offer this option. Also consider treeless paper made from materials such as bamboo, hemp and kenaf. Even the type of ink used for the invitation should be taken into account as some inks can be toxic.

- No matter what other choices you make, the biggest factor in the ecological and financial impact of your wedding will be its size. The cold hard fact is that each person you invite means more miles traveled, more food consumed, a bigger venue, and more waste when it's all over.

- Where possible, use an organic catering company that sources local ingredients. Minimize the amount of meat on the menu and maximize the use of in season fruit, vegetables and local dairy products.

- Flowers used at weddings and receptions have a tendency to be out of season and therefore imported. Transportation and care of these flowers requires extra resources. Try to use locally sourced flowers. Perhaps use potted flowers as these can make a great addition to your home or garden after the big event.

- When selecting a venue, also consider where your guests will be traveling from. Try and find a middle point if possible. The less your guest have to travel, the cheaper for them and the less oil consumed.

- If you decide to hold the event indoors, try and select a venue that makes the best use of natural light.

- Everyone likes a photographic record of a marriage ceremony, so instead of sending out hundreds of paper based photographs, save on postage, processing and toxic chemicals by storing digital images on your wedding blog for family and friends to download as they please; printing out only what's absolutely necessary.

- Weddings can generate all sorts of well-intentioned but unwanted gifts. Consider setting up a green wedding gift registry; which is basically just a wish list of earth friendly products you'd like.

- Ask for no gifts be purchased, but donations made to your favorite charities or environmental groups.

- For wedding favors, i.e. gifts you give to guests, make those earth friendly too; a donation on the guest's behalf, a tree planted in their name or a gift basket of green products.

- Instead of having paper confetti, rice or seed, use flower petal confetti as a beautiful and easily biodegradable option.

Here are some helpful links with more information on how to become more eco-friendly in your wedding and every day life:

Earth Day 2010
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Great Green Wedding
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The Green Bride Guide

Check your local library or book store for these great guides to green weddings!

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