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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day 11 :: DIY Holiday Banner

For Christmas Eve this year, we're having a candy buffet set up in the kitchen for the kids (and the adults) to enjoy.

Since I'm a big fan of Amy Atlas and I check her blog regularly, I stumbled upon this cute banner in one of her photos and was inspired to DIY one for my own holiday gathering!

Her photo that inspired my banner:

My Banner:

Making the banner was really simple. I literally used Microsoft Word on my laptop to create and print my letters, one large letter per page. Then I just took regular scissors and cut out the letters in triangles. To finish, I hot glued each triangle in order on a long thin white ribbon.

After that comes the fun part...embellishing! I wanted to glitz my banner up a bit for the holidays. I hot glued gold berries to the bottom of each triangle and hot glued a strip of red ribbon to the top of each triangle. Then I outlined each letter in gold glitter paint to add a little sparkle. Once everything dried, I cut it into 2 separate banners ("Happy" and "Holidays") and hung them at different levels on the wall. The best part was...I already had all the materials to make this right here at home...I didn't have to go shopping for supplies!

1 comment:

heidzilla said...

OOoohh! That looks fabulous with your wallpaper! Great project.

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