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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Designer Spotlight: :: Pnina Tornai

We're excited to announce the new "Spotlight" feature on our blog! We'll be putting the "Spotlight" on venues, vendors, designers, and other wedding professionals (local, national and international) to share their products, photos, videos, interviews and other interesting and helpful information. If you have a person or product you'd like to see in the "Spotlight", just email us at amy at amy nixon dot com.

To kick off our new "Spotlight" feature on the blog, we're looking at the 2010 collection from one of my favorite designers, Pnina Tornai.

Pnina Tornai is one of the leading designers in New York for bridal and evening gowns. For the last decade Pnina Tornai has developed a genuine and unique method of corsets that have the look of the original ancient corsets and the look of what women dream of wearing now days. Pnina Tornai inserts in each of her bridal wear and evening gowns one of those special corsets that gives the body a perfect form.

Her dresses are hand made, sewn in accordance with the principal of Haute Couture. The materials that are being used for designing the dresses are imported from Europe. Her line varies from classic and unique cuts to sophisticated hand embroidered gowns. Genuine Swarovski crystals are being used for decorating the creations. Pnina Tornai believes in creating her dresses through personal contact with her costumers which inspires and helps her understand the need and purpose desired.

Pnina has been sketching since she was a little girl and feels that design is "what she was born to do." She currently resides in Tel Aviv with her son and her husband, David. Pnina and her husband own and operate two freestanding boutiques in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Pnina travels from Israel to New York to continue to work on her collections and meet with brides at Kleinfeld.

Pnina Tornai Links:
Pnina Tornai's Website
Video of the 2009 New York runway show
Video of Pnina Tornai's 2009 Bridal Collection on Say Yes to the Dress on TLC
Pnina Tornai gowns at Kleinfeld Manhattan

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