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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Day 7 :: Paper Luminaries

Print, cut, tape/glue. That's it!! Just print your pattern, cut it out, roll it into a circle and seal it on the inside with tape or glue. Place it over a votive or tealight candle inside and there you have it...a beautiful and inexpensive luminary!

I put these on the shelves in my office. I'm going to make a few more in different patterns for my other shelving areas, because they look amazing! Then, I'm going to make some for the fireplace mantle!


heidzilla said...

did you just print grey ink onto normal white computer paper? how darling! any suggestions on places you got your patterns?

Amy Nixon said...

Timeless Paper blog is where I got the idea. They used them for wall sconces. As far as templates, I haven't seen any...I just used some background graphics that were light in color so they would print well and the candle light would show through the paper. There may be templates somewhere though....I'll have to look into that!:)

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