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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day 6 :: Holiday Topiary

This Holiday topiary was super simple! I started with a clear vase, a small square of styrofoam and a 2 ft. piece of dowel rod. Place the styrofoam in the bottom of the vase and push the dowel rod securely down into the styrofoam. Since the green styrofoam showed through the clear vase, I filled the vase with clear filler rocks to hide it.

Once your vase is full of rocks and your dowel rod is secure, put another block of styrofoam on the top of the rod. (This one can be any shape or size because it won't show.) I used some left over cones I had from another project.

Using silk flowers (I trimmed the stems to about 5 inches), begin arranging the flowers into a round ball shape. The point in leaving the stems longer is so that you can push the flowers into the styrofoam at different levels, making it much easier to create the round topiary look.

After my round ball was formed, I took some candy cane striped wired ribbon (wired is MUCH easier to work with) and created some loops. I just pinned each loop into the styrofoam. This just adds some different colors and textures to the topiary.

Finally, I covered the dowel rod with red wired ribbon. Tie a knot right at the base of the topiary, then slide the knot up underneath the flowers to conceal it. Then just wrap the ribbon all the way down to the bottom of the rod. You can secure it at the bottom with hot glue, or just use scissors to tuck the ribbon down into the rocks.

I added a red bow for a finishing touch, and that's it! The directions might be wordy, but the entire thing took me about 20 minutes. Easy peasy!

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